Friday, October 15, 2010

ecoFiber's CEO and Founder to Host Workshop on State of Eco-Friendly Custom Rug Industry at AVA Design in Atlanta

ecoFiber Custom Rugs Founder and CEO Phyllis Waldron-Ripple Shares the Eco-Friendly Production Process of her Goodweave Certified Rugs and Discusses Importance of Sustainability in Today’s Design and Furnishings Industry

Founder and CEO of ecoFiber Custom Rugs, Phyllis Waldron-Ripple, will host a design workshop at AVA Design, a custom American Furniture Company and showroom in Atlanta, on Thursday, October 21 at 5:30 p.m. at 1100 Howell Mill Ed. #150.

The workshop, which is aimed at both consumers and design professionals, will showcase ecoFiber Custom Rugs’ stunning and eco-friendly Tibetan wool, mohair, silk, hemp, nettle and cactus natural fiber rugs, as well as discuss the importance of sustainable and socially responsible production practices in the textile industry.

“Our objective is to educate designers and interested parties in the benefits and philosophy behind eco-friendly products,” said Richie Morgan of AVA Designs. “Trade professionals need to have this information to incorporate sustainable products into their business and design projects.”

Waldron-Ripple, a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and a Goodweave certified rug importer, will speak on the present and future state of the eco-friendly rug industry, an art form she is deeply connected to.

“In my travels, I saw cultures becoming more and more westernized. The arts and handicrafts were slowly disappearing from places like Pakistan during the time I lived there in the late 1980s. Being able to play a small role in helping keep those cultures alive is very important to me,” said Waldron-Ripple.

“Vegetable dying and using indigenous materials is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also about as directly involved in the re-birth of the cultural awareness of a place as a westerner can get.”

Waldron-Ripple’s passion is evident. She often speaks of her rugs as if each has a life of its own. Her goal is to make ecoFiber Custom Rugs as memorable for her clients, bringing the quiet appeal, organic look and luxurious textures of her rugs into living rooms.


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