Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Interview with Richie Morgan of AVA Design

Richie Morgan has been working with AVA since March, 2010. Previously, Morgan worked for 12 years as a freelance interior designer in Atlanta, working on projects around the country. His work has been featured numerous times on MTV and Morgan has also worked as a corporate designer for several clothing companies creating retail concepts for products.

AVA recently hosted ecoFiber Custom Rugs' founder Phyllis Waldron-Ripple for a design workshop at their studio in Atlanta.

What are the some of the first decorating mistakes you see when you walk into a home?

Unnecessary clutter is the biggest one. If you are a person that has a lot of 'stuff" that's ok, as long as it's organized it will make a better impression.

What decorating techniques/ideas/suggestions would you recommend to a homeowner looking rev up the look of a room or house without spending a fortune?

Paint! Paint! Paint! It is the cheapest and easiest way to spruce up any environment.

What piece should homeowners start with to build a new decor scheme around?

I would suggest finding the most prominent piece first—like a sofa, bed, or some other large piece of furniture. Start there and build upon it.

What has been the best decorating advice you've gotten or what do you wish you would have known before decorating your own home?

Hmmm... I think trying to utilize some of what you've already got. Be organized, develop a plan and stick to it!!

For customers on a budget, what pieces do you think are important to splurge on higher quality furnishings/decor and what can you get away with doing cheaper?

That's subjective. Different people have different priorities.

Personally, a great quality sofa is number one for me. A great mattress is number two.

You can fill in the blanks from there. I collect art so that is important to me. However, my artwork doesn't have to match my sofa. My connection to it is more emotional than anything. Good artwork will outlive anything else in the home.

What do you think amazing floor coverings can do for the look and feel of a home?

Great rugs can be a anchor for the room. It's the comfort you feel when you walk on it. Higher quality rugs will last generations, and are things that can be passed down through the family for generations, like antiques.

Do you find many clients seeking out green home decor products strictly because of environmental ethics?

Most people in Atlanta looking for eco-friendly products know the philosophy and concept of the products. I do think it is a limited market at the moment, but I think more and more people are interested in finding out more about green home d├ęcor.

Who would you recommend ecoFiber Custom Rugs to?


Do you think ecoFiber Custom Rugs look/work best in contemporary or traditional interiors?

My personal opinion is ecoFiber rugs are conducive to more modern/ contemporary environments, although the wools and silks can be transitional. It's a customer or designer’s call.

What are the advantages to investing in a high-quality, custom made rug?

Higher quality rugs are made to last generation after generation. Normally the materials and manufacturing of ecoFiber Custom Rugs make them a sustainable and durable choice. The customization of ecoFiber rugs, in particular, give the customer the ability to create a rug tailor made that caters to their tastes and homes.

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