Friday, October 28, 2011

You’ve already made your design choices for your child’s room, but have you thought about the hidden impacts on your child’s health and well-being of those choices? When decorating a room you are probably unaware that a component used in paints, furniture and carpeting can compromise your child’s health.

Formaldehyde categorized as a VOC and is used extensible in the manufacture of paint, furniture and carpeting. VOC’s are released into the air with the normal use overtime of these products and can have short and long-term effects on your family’s health contributing to increased asthma, headaches and respiratory ailments. One of the most common sources for harmful VOCs is the carpet upon which your child crawls, lies, rolls and plays. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recently established a direction link between the surfaces upon which a child walks or crawls as having a direct relationship to respiratory diseases. The rate of childhood asthma has increased 12% since 2001.

Choosing products which have eliminated the use of artificial chemicals and dyes reduces the percentage of air contaminants. Mass-produced commercial rugs undergo extensive chemical treatments prior to ending up in your child’s room.

As a parent what you choose when decorating your child’s room can have a lifelong impact on your their health. Making educated choices is the first step to providing a safe healthy interior. ecoFiber Custom Rugs are completely chemical free.

ecoFiber Custom Rugs has looked beyond the healthy production of their rugs to examine who produces their product. With an eye to this ecoFiber became a leader in demanding ethical labor practices when making their rugs. We have aligned with Goodweave ( an international organization which monitors and prohibits the use of child labor in international rug production. This partnership guarantees that the rug you purchase will be free of any child labor.

You want the best in all aspects of your child’s environment from choosing the best childcare to ensuring that your decisions make a positive difference in the health and well being of your child and children around the world.