Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Find ecoFiber Custom Rugs on Green Design Hub

Supporting the movement for green and sustainable home design, ecoFiber Custom Rugs is now listed on Green Design Hub—a web site that “is an online research resource for designers to access Eco-friendly solutions, materials, and businesses. Our vision is to inspire and provide creatives with the power to make a positive global change through design.”

Our custom rugs are made with only natural fibers and chemical free vegetable dyes, we easily fit into the category of eco-friendly solutions for sustainable home décor.

You now have the option of purchasing beautiful custom area rugs for your home or workspace without negatively impacting the environment.

If being green wasn’t enough ecoFiber doesn’t stop with our commitment to sustainability, we also support the community of weavers who create our rugs and are GoodWeave certified by RugMark. RugMark is an international certification process which ensures there was is no use of child labor in the creation of our custom rugs.

>>Check out ecoFiber Custom Rugs’ page on Green Design Hub

Monday, August 9, 2010

Natural Fiber Rugs: Why Tibetan Wool?

Benefits of Tibetan Wool Rugs

The best feature about environmentally friendly area rugs іѕ tһаt they are created using sustainable natural resources, which are materials that usually grow back very quickly and do not require chemical intervention for growth.

Natural fibers used in these rugs are biodegradable and free of synthetics. Apart from using plant fibers (like sisal, hemp and cactus for example), we also offer Tibetan wool rugs—another renewable fiber often used for eco-friendly area rugs.

Tibetan wool is known for its high quality, longer fibers. Noted for its long lasting super soft texture Tibetan wool rugs are perfect for humid or high traffic areas. AƖѕο, our non-toxic, hypoallergenic wool prevents the growth of bacteria, thus providing a more hygienic atmosphere. A wool area rug can act as an air filter by trapping contaminants in its fibers.