Friday, October 8, 2010

Kim Stockwell discusses the importance of keeping it simple

Kim Stockwell runs KDSDesign, a design firm specializing in interior decor, residential and commercial space planning, and urban garden design.

Kim also works as an independent representative for AVA Designs. She has represented rugs, broadloom wool and synthetics and hard surface flooring for 14 years, and in 2010 she added furniture and pillows/bedding her mix. Her customers extend from retail carpet and rug showrooms to lifestyle stores, furniture locations along with design firms.

What are the some of the first decorating mistakes you see when you walk into a home?

Decorating is very personal so immediately it allows you to see inside the heart of the home...sometimes it looks clutter filled, messy or mismatched. I usually see space that is too crowded.

What decorating techniques/ideas/suggestions would you recommend to a homeowner looking rev up the look of a room or house without spending a fortune?

If someone wanted to start decorating within a budget, I would suggest painting first with a neutral color paint.

The next piece would be the largest piece for the room (i.e. rug, sofa, chairs or wall center). It is hard to put everything in prospective because we usually come with necessities or bring along things to the mix— so trying to keep it simple would be my biggest suggestion.

Paint and start to put things in the room that you really love, whether it's your rug or sofa table or artwork...use it to start.

If your budget allows you to buy something, purchase texture medium tones for furniture pieces as they will always lend change for future decorating styles and try to stay away from patterns.

Remember less is better and keep it simple!

What piece should homeowners start with to build a new decor scheme around?

Whether you pick hardwood flooring or carpet this decision will dictate your next purchase. If you select hardwood, then I would suggest the rug be chosen before the sofa and chair arrangement.

Rugs are the artwork for the floor and extremely important part of the room, which is what most people tend to forget. This is why when all is in disarray natural fibers come to the rescue—giving texture with no committing color.

What has been the best decorating advice you've gotten or what do you wish you would have known before decorating your own home?

The best advice from my past was to always remember when you buy something make sure it will work in 3 different areas of your home.

It's important as you move into different homes that the pieces that you buy can be used in several spots—bedroom, hall, family room, etc. I like to change my space a lot so this advice gives me options to redecorate and change up the look!

For costumers on a budget, what pieces do you think are important to splurge on higher quality furnishings/decor and what can you get away with doing cheaper?

I would have my family and friends splurge on fine wood pieces and rugs. Secondly, medium priced stuffed pieces. I have learned that a $6,000 sofa wears pretty much like a $3,000 sofa and is expensive to reupholster.

Lastly, I think artwork is so very important but so individualized it’s better to wait for the big purchases as you aspire a definite taste!

What do you think amazing floor coverings can do for the look and feel of a home?

I tell my girls that the rug needs to settle the floor and draw you in...Make it beautiful!! And keep it clean!!

Do you find many clients seeking out green home decor products strictly because of environmental ethics?

Most folks love the idea of going Green! They love the aspect of nature with no harmful chemicals introduced into their homes. So not only environmentally do they love it, but [they] also realize the quality and longevity in green/natural products!

Who would you recommend ecoFiber Custom Rugs to?

I truly love the hand-crafted quality and feel of the ecoFiber rugs. They are simply majestic in appearance! This is the case of what the love of nature brings to our senses.

Do you think ecoFiber Custom Rugs look/work best in contemporary or traditional interiors?

The looks of the ecoFiber rugs complements any d├ęcor—that is one of the beauties of this rug. This rug talks of lush richness you can't explain until you touch and feel it for yourself. Remember my words earlier—keep it simple, lasts a lifetime!

What are the advantages to investing in a high-quality, custom made rug?

If the consumer today looks at this purchase as an investment, it is hands down a perfect choice. This rug will last a lifetime ...And so if your home is your most important investment then certainly this rug would give you the performance and style to complete your rug purchases for future generations.

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