Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Importance of Purchasing a Child Labor Free Rug or Carpet

GoodWeave Certified Rugs

We’ve written before about ecoFiber Custom Rugs joining GoodWeave, an organization which works to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and offers educational opportunities to children in South Asia. Luckily, we at ecoFiber Custom Rugs are not the only ones pushing for more fairly created rugs. A recent article on Home Furnishings Business announced 5 other companies have also joined Goodweave (Indi-B, BravinLee Editions, Concept Interiors, Gary Cruz Studios, Inunoo Inuit Carpets, Liz Gamberg, Nepal Rugs & Carpets, and Seraser).

Despite the economic slow-down, there is still a demand for eco-friendly, fair trade rugs in the market. "Even in a down economy, sales of GoodWeave certified carpets are increasing as a share of the total market," said Nina Smith, executive director of RugMark USA.

Smith believes this momentum is evidence that companies and consumers are stepping up their commitment to responsible purchasing.

Eco-friendly Rugs made by Nepalese artisans

At ecoFiber Custom Rugs we’ve stressed the importance of using natural fibers and vegetable dyes to help treat the environment a little better, and we also believe in treating the artisans who create these rugs fairly as well.

Those looking for high quality and natural eco friendly rugs at an affordable price, can be assured they are purchasing an artisan crafted Nepalese rug from ecoFiber Custom Rugs.

“My recent trip to Nepal included doing lots of research on incorporating Nepalese handmade paper products in my presentation materials. The pom boxes, for instance, are made from handmade paper, using no dyes. We also began having our weavers personally sign each rug (on the label) when they complete it,” says ecoFiber founder Phyllis Ripple.

Photo by Micheljameslewis on Flickr

>>Find more information on GoodWeave's web site.

>>There is a list of vendors on the main page of the blog, or find more information on where to find ecoFiber Custom Rugs

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