Friday, September 24, 2010

Kelly Molak on why investing in floor coverings is money well spent

Kelly Molak is the owner of Element Supply, an environmentally friendly building materials showroom and distributor in Austin Texas, and has more than 12 years experience developing multi-million dollar residential and commercial building projects. Here are some of Kelly's design tips and advice.

What are the some of the first decorating mistakes you see when you walk into a home?

Pictures hung too high, scattered décor.

What decorating techniques/ideas/suggestions would you recommend to a homeowner looking rev up the look of a room or house without spending a fortune?

Group existing décor pieces to create focal points. Paint! It’s amazing what a little paint can do, choose a focal point wall & go for it!

What piece should homeowners start with to build a new decor scheme around?

A new rug of course.

What has been the best decorating advice you've gotten or what do you wish you would have known before decorating your own home?

Always refer to your color selections in the home, with both natural & incandescent lighting. It is amazing how colors can change from the store to your home.

New low-e windows tend to cast a blue / green shade, so natural lighting in newer homes can be tricky. In my own home I chose hand blown pendants for the bar, our grey walls did nothing for the pendants…I actually refused to turn them on, the warm glow with the cool walls just DID NOT work. So, we repainted the gameroom a beautiful camel color, and the pendants look fantastic!

For costumers on a budget, what pieces do you think are important to splurge on higher quality furnishings/decor and what can you get away with doing cheaper?

Splurge worthy: Rugs & wood furniture pieces. Higher quality rugs & furniture will last a lifetime, be smart about your selections by choosing timeless pieces, fill in with hip accessories from furniture & manufacturer outlets.

What do you think amazing floor coverings can do for the look and feel of a home?

Flooring definitely sets the tone of a home. Warm wood floors with a soft, beautiful wool rug is so welcoming. Marble floors with a cashmere & linen rugs says chic all the way.

Do you find many clients seeking out green home decor products strictly because of environmental ethics?

Yes and no. Some clients are defiantly driven by environmental concerns, including chemical intolerance. Others, just like the quality of our products and the environmental aspects are secondary.

Who would you recommend ecoFiber Custom Rugs to?


Do you think ecoFiber Custom Rugs look/work best in contemporary or traditional interiors?

They work fantastic in both.

What are the advantages to investing in a high-quality, custom made rug?

The rug will last a lifetime.

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