Friday, September 10, 2010

ecoFiber Custom Rugs in this month's EcoLuxe Magazine

Perhaps the thing most striking about new trends in eco-friendly products and greener ways of thinking is it is often a lot less about innovation than it is about returning to the ways of the past.

Ideas like eating local food products, avoiding disposable plastics, and in the case of our custom rugs, making beautiful, natural woven rugs in a centuries old tradition, are all prime examples of returning to the past for a better future.

Our rugs from Nepal are made using the same fibers and materials that have been used by weavers for centuries and our dyes are made from natural materials which have been gathered and used long before chemical dyes ever appeared. (In Nepal and Tibet, most of the natural dyes are collected in the wild from sources such as oak tree galls, larkspur, woad, indigo, madder, and cochineal. If you’re curious, read more about why vegetable dyed rugs are better).

All of that being said, we at ecoFiber Custom Rugs aren’t the only ones to realize that sometimes the best and easiest way to go green is to look to the past. This month, we have an ad featured in the new EcoLuxe Magazine (check out our ad on page 44). In her letter to readers, Shannon Dunn discuss how you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for eco-consciousness and how looking back may be the best way to move forward:

I’ve grown up as part of the disposable generation — if it’s quick, easy, no hassle, then eat it, use it, wear it. The convenience of plastic has moved most of us away from quality. From flimsy, throwaway plates and eco-clogging water bottles to leak-free diapers and brightly colored toys. Anything disposable once made life seem easier, faster and hassle-free. We know how this story ends.

I love being green, but I also crave quality. I adore hand knitted blankets and made-from-scratch soups, well-crafted furniture and vacations away from the bustle of dime-a-dozen resorts. I’d much rather spend my dollars on a dress that will last many seasons and a Christmas present that will still be cherished 20 years from now.
When we choose quality over convenience, we not only nurture the environment and ourselves but we also learn to stop and breathe again. Life becomes about more than just replaceable stuff—it becomes about experiences and whom we experience our choices with.

Gone are the days when being eco conscious was thought to be about going without and accepting second best. Welcome to the next generation of green and to a publication that captures everything a conscious, quality-driven life is about.
EcoLuxe magazine was born from a desire to bring you conscious content, cover to cover—from toxin-free beauty and food devoid of animal products to green destinations that give back; and inspiring people whose mission it is to heal the world. It is our mission to promote only information, goods and services that inspire all of us to live naturally and consciously.

One person who is doing just that is Will Estes, star of CBS’ hot new show Blue Bloods, also starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg. Will chatted with me about his love of film, literature, surfing, friends and family, as well as his environmental protection work (page 16).

We also bring you our cover story on why it feels good to do good (page 11), an interview with Peter Rodger, director of documentary Oh My God (page 67), delicious eco-food inspirations (page 32), tips on bringing up an eco baby (page 52), natural spa retreats (page 58) and much more.

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