Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A carbon-neutral opportunity

The typical journey of a 60,000 pound rug shipment from Kathmandu to New York amounts to 25 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. To put this figure in context, 25 tons of carbon is equivalent to the electricity usage of 12 homes over the course of a year or the use of 9,500 gallons of gasoline.

ecoFiber Custom Rugs and Goodweave have partnered with Carbon Clear to provide the ability to calculate transportation emissions and to purchase offsets from some of the most reliable and high quality offset projects available in the marketplace. A custom portfolio of projects, including two textile projects in India, ensure that your contribution will make a difference to the environment and communities where GoodWeave operates.

Working with Goodweave and Carbon Clear is another example of how ecoFiber is working to reduce our environmental impact, while maintaining the aesthetics we hold dear.

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