Thursday, March 24, 2011

Natural Fiber Rugs and Your Family

You babyproof the house, make sure the bottles are BPA-free, ensure the car seat is safe—but did you think about getting rid of the rug in your living room?

While seemingly innocuous, it turns out non-natural fiber rugs can actually be very harmful for you and your family—especially so for the little ones who spend a lot of time crawling on the floor (and putting things in their mouths).

We’ve talked a lot about why ecoFiber Custom Rugs are environmentally friendly (like the fact they are made using vegetable dyes, maintain a low carbon footprint, and use only sustainably harvested natural fibers), but we haven’t spent much time discussing how eco-friendly rugs can be also be good for the health and wellness of your family.

Our homes are our own personal eco-systems, so it only makes sense that you’d want to mimic nature in order to create environments that are healthy and free of dangerous toxins.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality can be negatively affected by many things inside our homes--including the off gassing from various materials and surfaces found in paints, carpets and rugs, mattresses, bedding, furniture, and even cleaning products.

The best way to avoid these dangerous chemicals? By using the most natural and organic materials in order to enhance indoor air quality and improve the health of you and your family.

If you have babies or children in the home (who spend many hours crawling and playing on the floor), the dangerous toxins in synthetic rugs can adversely affect their development.

Because babies breathe at a faster rate than adults, they have an increased intake of toxins in relation to their body weight. Children’s hand-to-mouth activity also increases their risk of toxic intake from rugs and carpets. 

The “breathing zone” for children, and babies in particular, is closer to the ground where pollutants in many synthetic rugs are more concentrated. Infants’ bodies are not as able to detoxify and excrete toxins as easily as adults. Natural fiber rugs give babies’ immune systems the best opportunity to adapt to their new environment, without exposing them to dangerous toxic materials.

Every ecoFiber Custom rug is created without the use of any dangerous chemicals or toxins. Our dyes are made are non-petroleum based and come from safe, natural materials. Our rugs are also woven using only the softest, safest and natural and organic fibers from nature.

Purchasing a natural fiber rug means that not only will your family be healthier and happier, but so will the environment.


  1. You have done excellent work. This rug would be comfortable for babies play and sleep.
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  2. The width of the area rugs she brought in was perfect for the space for babies play and sleep. I like this orange colour of fiber rug.