Thursday, July 29, 2010

ecoFiber Custom Rugs compared to Armani Casa

While we certainly believe that we sell some of the most beautiful, luxurious eco-friendly rugs on the market, it certainly is nice when someone else seems to take notice. Especially when that someone is connected and respected in the design world.

As it turns out, an employee from Livingston & Associates in New York City showed samples of our rugs to design students and compared our natural fiber rugs to—gaspArmani Casa.

That’s right, THE Armani Casa. The design house known for sophistication and timeless elegance, which has now been translated into a collection of understated interior decor.

We believe our rugs, made from all natural fibers like Tibetan wool, cashmere, mohair and silk, are not only made from some the best, most luxurious feeling textiles, but that their custom designs have the same sophisticated and timeless elegance that Armani brings to his own designs.

The real beauty of ecoFiber Custom Rugs, is the value. While our Nepalese rugs have the same craftsmanship, luxurious feel and sophisticated beauty of rugs from top design houses, they don’t carry the same inflated price tag. Basically, you get a high quality, beautifully made rug that rivals any other rug on the market for a much lower price.

Our sustainable rugs can brighten and change a room without major renovation, add a comfortable, soft space to any room, or tie an entire room together with a sustainable area rug that is both environmentally friendly and elegant.

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  1. I really enjoy to see this! At this year it will attend at the Maison & Objet the brand Boca do Lobo. They are incredible in fusing old styles with contemporary aspects. Visit and get in love!